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Thread: TRP - Breaking Records - Oh Yeah!

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    TRP - Breaking Records - Oh Yeah!

    Not sure if many folks have noticed...but everytime I log in to the forums I just peak that counter at the bottom of the main page that just shows some stats about site activity. It is a fun thing to follow...and today...the numbers skyrocketed! For a few weeks, the max number of TRP visitors ever online at any given time was 490. TRP has effectively doubled this today!

    Good work this the impact of TRP being represented well at both the US & Canadian nationals? Perhaps, but regardless of the cause, the site and community seems to be growing! Keep up the solid work!

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    Ping! TRP broke another record yesterday with the most ever users online. The last one stood for about 4-5 weeks I think.

    Is it a coincidence that the last time the record was broken it was during the week after Nats...and now it is the week after Worlds..? Hmmmm...I see a trend there...

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    And we broke the record again. New record, set yesterday, is just over 1,100 people!

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    Ping! Record borken again today! The last one stood for quite a while...mid June I think...but we smashed the record hard today!

    Way to go TRP...the community keeps growing!
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    Every time we post something new, I shout "LET'S DO THHHHIIIIIIIS?!"

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    Just to document where we are at should this prove to be a long-running thread. The current record from two weeks ago is 1,461 people online at once.

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