I don't know if I can link to my whole collection on dicemastersdb.com , but I have both Uncanny and AvX starters, over half of the Uncanny CU, and a gravity feed of AvX, pulling Canucklehead. Other cards of note are the AvX OP Basic Action Cards I bought all 6 of, UXM: Magneto - Heir to the Dream, Apocalypse - Earth 295, Ant-Man - The Insect World, Cable - Time Traveler, Magik - Redflag #133, She-Hulk - Superhero, Storm - Lady Liberator, and AvX: Canucklehead (duh), Black Widow - Killer Instinct, Cyclops - Scott Summers, Gambit - Cardsharp, Loki - Gem-Keeper, Mystique - Could Be Anyone, Nick Fury - Patch, Nova - The Human Rocket, Professor X - Charles Francis Xavier, Rogue - Can't Touch This.

Also, I have a fair amount of the CU for AvX.

So let me know if any of those rares are good to start building around, I'm looking to be more casual with my Dad and have more thematic stuff, and also to be competitive as I can with just Marvel (and DC when it's out in two days). Also mention any obvious CURs I should get, like ProfX-Recruiting or the Mr. Fantastic with the global mask blocking thing.


And I have plenty of dice for everything, I ordered them on eBay lots on the cheap.