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Thread: Villain Team - Is it any good?

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    Villain Team - Is it any good?

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    This is my first post so I salute the entire community in the start.
    This is a fast build I came up with. The main idea is to abuse Katana's ability (+1A for each villain in play) in conjunction with Black Manta's retaliation and Iron Man's global to force your opponent to make least-worse decisions (let damage through or block and take damage from retaliation and possibly hinder his board development).
    Sinestro protects your villains from globals like Distraction or Relentless.
    Constantine controls your opponent's board and is very versatile (jinzo, hulk gg, tsarina's, gobby, weapon 10, etc...) and when fielded abilities (especially something like psylocke that can KO your black manta) - at the least it allows for a delay.
    Gobby is allready a villain, is a cost effective buy, fuels Katana's ability and can dish burst (both when fielded and when KO'd).

    As far as energy goes,
    bolts - used for damage and ramp (especially in conjuction with shields. Convert one SK to villain, Use Blue Eyes global. 2 energy for direct damage, ramp and 2 buy discount is not bad. Having to use the shield in addition to a normal blue eyes activation means that you pay 1 shield to dish out some direct damage.
    shields - convert to damage by using Iron Man's global and can ramp you with Resurrection.
    Masks - PXG ramp.
    Fists - Damage via Anger Issues.

    The idea is to get more out of every roll than your opponent. There is a principle in Magic that states that a match is won by the player who uses the most mana. Taking that principle to Dice Masters, let's assume both you and your opponent get good rolls and have a similar ramp (basically you both get to spend equal amounts of energy). Then what you want is to have as few "I use this energy to buy this die and do nothing else" turns as possible.
    Buying with Blue Eyes accomplishes that by turning your buy into ... I use less of the energy I rolled this turn and KO a previous roll(probably SK) to buy my die and get an additional roll next turn.
    With Black Manta out and a shield to turn the SK into a villain it turns into: I use two energy rolled this turn plus a previous SK roll to reduce my cost with 2, get a one die ramp and magic missile my opponent. It is better than the blue eyes + magic missile as it saves a card (you don't need the magic missile) and you do it for bolt-shield instead of bolt-bolt. Plus, that is the MINIMAl effect. Any villain aside from Black Manta you have on the field means ad additional free magic missile. It gets better when Gobby is on the field because then the SK you are KO'ing has dealt one damage when gobby was fielded and two damage when you KO him (for black manta and gobby being on the field).
    In terms of spending energy, when you use blue eyes with black manta, you spend one shield to gain the effect of spending bolts equal to your number of fielded villains (aside black manta). So, following the scenario described (equal amount of ramp and good rolls), you effectively get to "spend" more energy than your opponent in the same number of turns.

    You get more out of SK's in Gobby mirrors because they can deal damage twice (once when Gobby is fielded and the second time when the SK is KO'd). You get more out of Gobby itself than your opponent because he activates Black Manta when he is KO'd.
    You control his early aggression (I'm looking at you Tsarina) with your Hellblazer, which you later use to delay his big guns from coming at you and activating their abilities, which helps your tempo.

    It definettly needs improvement and play testing. Maybe swap out anger issues for imprisoned to deal with ring of magnetism. At a first glance, it lacks char removal, which it makes up by forcing trades (Katana can get out of hand fast with it's +1A ability) that are advantageous to you as you can chip at the life totals. It lacks a direct way to deal with Lord of D Ring combo, but I feel that that particular build is slow to assemble and as long as your opponent has used some turns to assemble it, with just the Dark Manta Gobby Constantine (maybe) combo you can out race him. Iron Man's ability is nice to use. But even as it is, with a Lord of D ring in play, Gobby and Black Manta are still villains, Sinestro still pushes you through Distraction, blue eyes can even cycle gobby if needed, etc. You're losing a bit of tempo but so is your opponent (while assembling the lord of D ring combo).
    For capturing effects like Loki or Joker, well... they can go for black manta, sinestro, gobby or katana. Except for sinestro, they are all cheaper cards that you have already probably used at least once. No play-testing yet, but it feels like that is not the answer you want to go for.
    I don't know how it will be if Villains becomes a thing and how the meta will go to hate-decks. Probably the win rate against a pure hate deck will be awful, but I never want to be piloting a hate-team for one specific match-up. I don't think you can have consistency, flexibility and good match-up's overall by going down that route.

    So, any thoughts?

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    At quick glance, I like it. The only thing that I would put forward is that Constantine is at his most effective when there is also removal present. Otherwise, he just buys you a turn.

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    You are perfectly right. I don't know how much of an impact he has (if one extra turn is more relevant than not - that can only come out of play-testing and having some empirical data for a statistical analysis).
    I was also considering the con artist version. The free fielding might help out more. It might make the decision of blocking Katana more hard in some setups. If she gets blocked and KO'd it deals damage through Black Manta's retaliation and you get her back next turn. If she gets through she gets mixed in the bag and again you have a chance of getting her back AND fielding her for free. It is also relevant if you can set up Sinestro with him. Especially if he lands on his 3'rd lvl, you save 3 energy that can convert into damage or sustained ramp.

    Donno. Maybe it works.

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    RJ and I have been playing with a villains deck. I might recommend looking at Doctor Doom Nemesis and Deathstroke Weapons Master.

    I also agree that Constantine is relatively superfluous in this team and perhaps a cheap Mask character to start the PXG ramp would work better.

    Just some options to work through, definitely not the end all be all of advice. Looks fun though.

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