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Thread: Play via Google Hangout tonight 4/28/15?

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    My availability is contingent on what time my guests leave tonight. At the very least I should be free from 10 PM (eastern).

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    I might be around to chat a bit, but I won't have time to play.

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    I'm home and free if you're interested in playing. Guests left early tonight.

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    Try not to start a new topic when there is one just a few spots down.

    I merged the two topics together.

    (For the record, I think Shadow and I are probably the most prolific Hangouts players anyway, so we watch this topic like a hawk.)

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    How do you guys do the video for your games? Do you just use a webcam and point it at your playmat?

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    Pretty much! (I use my phone.) Some build their teams on DicemastersDB and link the team to the other person so they can look at globals and other things.

    We usually just find out what globals are in play, and it's pretty easy after a while.

    Shadow and I have played a game entirely in audio (which was WEIRD by fun) and it was all right.

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    Where did you get the webcam, and how does it work? (For $8, how is the quality?)

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    I hope the other guys don't mind, but I'm going to close this topic. Let's try and keep the posts in the other topic ( and not have two topics clogging up the boards.

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