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Thread: Where can I find Marvel card sleeves?

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    Where can I find Marvel card sleeves?

    Does anyone know where I can find Marvel Card Sleeves? They would have to fit Dice Masters cards which may sound obvious, however, I recently discovered that there are SO MANY sizes. I unfortunately bought the wrong size when I didn't have a card with me to test.

    For a little quid pro quo, I just bought these sleeves in anticipation of the DC release -

    Cards fit comfortably in sleeve and card with sleeve fits snug in the Ultra Pro Pro-Binder (

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    I picked up the same DC sleeves and I'm happy with them. I've searched extensively and can't find Marvel sleeves anywhere. Does anyone know of an affordable place to get sleeves custom printed?

  3. #3 Use any image you want and you can buy as little as 10. They cost a bit, but you can put whatever you want on your card backs.

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    Thanks for the tip, Shawn. Have you (or anyone you know) ever tried them? I wonder how durable they are for that price.

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